COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Students

Updated: September 15, 2021

To protect the health and well-being of the Columbia University community and in accordance with University policy, COVID-19 vaccination will be mandatory for all University students, faculty, and staff—this includes officers of instruction, officers of research, officers of the libraries, student officers, officers of administration, union and non-union support staff.

COVID-19 vaccines are currently being administered at CUIMC and at the Morningside campus. All employees and students must continue to take the appropriate precautions, including masking, appropriate PPE, and social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19.

  • Columbia University accepts all vaccines authorized/approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization.
  • You may request religious or medical exemptions, in accordance with New York State public health laws.
  • You must complete the vaccine process at least 14 days before first accessing any University facilities or participating in in-person, University-approved activities to ensure you are considered fully vaccinated at the time of first access.
  • All vaccine documentation must be uploaded to our Student Health portal no later than Monday, August 2.

Important: For students who submitted any vaccine data prior to June 4, you may see “non-compliant” listed under medical clearances. If you have previously heard from us that you have been cleared, no further action is needed.  We will reach out to all students who are missing documentation.

Visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Information for CUIMC Employees and Students page for the most up-to-date information, including vaccination updates and announcements, FAQs, and more. 

Uploading Your Vaccination Documentation

All CUIMC students should use our Student Health portal to upload vaccination documentation. Student Health on Haven will review the documentation and reach out to students if it needs additional information or if the documentation submitted is insufficient.

Download Instructions on How to Upload Your Vaccination Documentation (PDF)

Students must have vaccine documentation uploaded to the patient portal no later than August 2. All records must include the following:

  • Student Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of vaccine received
  • Date of vaccination(s)
  • Provider name, signature, or stamp

If you have trouble accessing an approved vaccine, you can receive the vaccine from the University at no out-of-pocket cost. Until you are fully vaccinated, you will be required to comply with additional COVID-19 testing requirements and other preventive measures in place at the time.

Vaccines Received from CUIMC Student Health on Haven

If you received a vaccine from CUIMC Student Health on Haven, your records will be updated automatically and you will not need to upload records. You may view verification at any time by accessing the ‘Immunizations’ section of our online patient portal.

Important: For students who submitted any vaccine data prior to June 4, you may see “non-compliant” listed under medical clearances. If you have previously heard from us that you have been cleared, no further action is needed.  We will reach out to all students who are missing documentation.

Vaccines Received from Other Sites

If you received a vaccine from any other vaccination site—including the William Black Building or the Armory—you must upload your vaccine documentation in the ‘Medical Clearances’ section of our online patient portal.

Acceptable proof of vaccination includes, but is not limited, to the following:

  • CDC COVID-19 Vaccine Card
  • WHO Vaccine Booklet
  • Documentation provided by a health care professional/organization/country

You must submit all documentation in English or accompanied by a certified translation (at the student’s expense).

Verification of documentation is at the sole discretion of CUIMC Student Health on Haven. Additional information or documentation may be requested and if requested must be provided in order to verify a submission.

Religious and Medical Exemptions

You may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for specific medical or religious reasons. Students wishing to request an exemption must submit the required request forms to the Student Health portal. You must submit your exemption request at least 30 business days before your first planned campus access. We will not expedite late submissions.

All exemption requests are reviewed by an expert panel and all students submitting a request will receive a response, in writing, within 2 weeks of their submission. Requests without sufficient documentation will be denied. All requests are considered and reviewed, but approval is not guaranteed.  Decisions are final and are not subject to appeal. 

Submit a Medical Exemption Request

Submit a Religious Exemption Request

Privacy Policy

Student Health on Haven makes every effort to protect the privacy of submitted information. Please review our Vaccination Status Privacy Notice for more details.