Addiction Information and Management Strategies (AIMS)

Addiction Information and Management Strategies (AIMS) is a free and confidential resource available to all CUIMC students.

The AIMS program has professional staff and peer representatives available to assist students who experience issues or have questions related to substance use or concerning behaviors. AIMS is committed to maintaining a substance-safe campus and to providing a harm reduction approach. AIMS offers students referral to students on and off-campus and access to community resources.

Program Design

AIMS has a three tier approach to providing comprehensive harm reduction intervention, prevention, and treatment services to impact CUIMC students based on the socio-ecological model at three target levels:

Tier 1: Direct Care

  • Individual AIMS Appointments
  • BASICS - Brief Alcohol Screen and Intervention Assessment
  • Peer Support
  • On and Off-Campus Referrals
  • Connecting Students to Community Resources

The History of AIMS

The AIMS program was founded by Father Daniel Morrissey, OP in 1986 under its original name “Assistance to Impaired Medical Students.” During the second half of the 1990s, Father Morrisey worked to expand the AIMS Committee to include other types of behaviors among students, such as domestic violence and eating disorders. The name was changed to “Addiction Illness: Medical Solutions” and AI:MS became part of Center for Student Wellness in 2008.

In 2013, the AI:MS Council voted to rename AIMS to its current iteration, “Addiction Information and Management Strategies” to better align its name with a harm reduction approach. Today, AIMS offers support to all CUIMC students to address considerations for themselves, colleagues, or loved-ones, around substance or concerning behaviors.