Pre-Registration Requirements

In order to register for classes, you must complete all of the health requirements and you will receive details in the admission letter for your specific program.

  • Pre-Registration Health Requirements for Clinical Students (Dental, Medical, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Genetic Counseling)
  • Pre-Registration Health Requirements for Non-Clinical Students (Public Health, Human Nutrition, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Post-Doctoral Fellows)

New York State Requirements for All Students (including part-time students not receiving services from Student Health)

  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella: Two doses of MMR vaccine (after 1 year of age) OR two doses of measles vaccine, two doses of mumps vaccine, and one dose of rubella vaccine OR positive titers (IgG) showing immunity to measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Meningococcal Meningitis Response Form: Complete online after you receive your Columbia UNI using the Student Health portal. Receipt of the vaccine is optional. Read more about the Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  

CUIMC Requirements for All Full Time Students and Part Time Students Receiving Services from Student Health (in addition to NYS Requirements above)

  • Health History: Submit through the Student Health portal after you receive your Columbia UNI.
  • Hepatitis B:
    • Clinical Programs: Three hepatitis B vaccines AND a positive Hepatitis B IgG Surface Antibody titer at least 30 days after last dose AND Hepatitis B Surface Antigen. If the Hepatitis B IgG Surface Antibody titer is equivocal, inconclusive or negative, a 4th hepatitis B vaccine should be given.
  • Tetanus:
    • Non-Clinical Programs: One time dose of Tdap (Tetanus/ diphtheria/acellular pertussis), with Td (Tetanus/diphtheria) boosters every 10 years thereafter recommended (not required).
    • Clinical Programs: One time dose of Tdap (Tetanus/ diphtheria/acellular pertussis) required, with Td (Tetanus/diphtheria) boosters every 10 years thereafter.
  • Polio: Documented date of most recent IPV (killed) or OPV (live) polio vaccine recommended (not required).
  • Tuberculosis Screening:
    • Non-Clinical Programs: One PPD skin test, or IGRA blood test (QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot) within 12 months of program start date. If positive, submit chest x-ray report.
    • Clinical Programs: Two-step PPD skin tests (administered 9-31 days apart) or IGRA blood test (QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot) within 6 months of program start date. If positive, submit chest x-ray report.

Additional Requirements for Students in Clinical Programs (in addition to NYS Requirements and CUIMC Requirements above)

  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Two doses of varicella vaccine at least 30 days apart OR positive varicella titer (IgG) if you have a history of chicken pox. If titer is negative, 2 doses of varicella vaccine at least 30 days apart are required.
  • Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C antibody within 6 months of program start date. If hepatitis C antibody is positive, a quantitative hepatitis C RNA test is required.
  • Physical Exam: Must be completed by an MD, NP, or PA who is not a relative.

Registering for the Student Health Portal

After you have received all the paperwork required for health clearance, and once your Columbia UNI has been assigned, you can access the secure Student Health portal to submit your documentation and enter relevant health information . You will need to register for the Student Health portal with an active email address. (Please note: If your Columbia email address is not yet active, please use an alternate email address). 

Completing Pre-Registration Requirements through Student Health on Haven

Student Health on Haven can perform pre-registration health requirement services for a fee if you are in New York City. Please note the following:

  • All titer results must be submitted with a copy of the laboratory report, including the laboratory reference range.
  • Do not to wait until the last minute as the process can take some time.
  • An administrative fee of $95 will be charged to students completing any preregistration requirements at the Student Health on Haven.
  • Additional fees will be charged for each service rendered (immunizations and titers).
  • We do not accept any type of insurance for these services, and full payment is due at the time of service (via cash, check or credit card).