Well-Being Strategy Sessions

Well-Being Strategy Sessions are available to all CUIMC Students. CUIMC students from any school or program who pay the Health and Related Services Fee (HRSF), regardless of insurance coverage, are eligible to schedule an appointment. 

Strategy Sessions provide a solution-based approach to address your personal, academic and professional concerns. We'll listen carefully, help you strategize, prioritize, problem solve, build skills, and work collaboratively to create a flexible action plan that makes sense for you. Visits are free and confidential.

How Can They Help?

Well-Being Strategy Sessions offer students an opportunity to consult about a range of issues and concerns. Student Health on Haven works through an integrative care framework. While Well-being Strategy sessions are not counseling or therapy, we sometimes collaborate with Counseling Services and other campus services in our work with students. Students visit us to talk about what is on their mind, to strategize about issues related to academics, relationships, finding a sense of belonging and developing community, stress and burnout, and to learn about resources and programs.

If you are not sure where to go about your concerns, and it’s not an emergency, a Well-Being Strategy Session is a great place to start!

Who Provides Them?

Our team at Well-Being and Health Promotion is available for consultation. With backgrounds in public health, health promotion, health education, and extensive experience in higher education, we help students navigate the nuances of graduate school and blend their personal and professional lives. We consult on time management, self-compassion, mind-body well-being and mindfulness, physical activity, sexuality education, interpersonal communication, professional identity formation, positive psychology, and much more.

Make an Appointment

Well-Being Strategy Sessions are available both in-person and via Zoom by appointment only. We encourage you to request an appointment through the Student Health Portal.

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