Well-Being and Health Promotion Programs

Our Work

The Well-being and Health Promotion team leads, facilitates, and participates in collective, systemic, and innovative action for student health and well-being at CUIMC. We work in partnership with students, staff, and faculty to co-create a campus community in which the people, programs, practices, policies, and spaces foster student health and well-being.  To stay up to date with our offerings, subscribe to the Well-Being and Health Promotion weekly newsletter.


Well-being, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), refers to the positive characteristics of physical, social and mental health of people. This encompasses concepts of authenticity, thriving, navigating personal and professional challenges, connectedness, sense of community, empowerment, compassion, work-life integration, and equity.

Health Promotion

Well-being and Health Promotion ascribes to the Okanagan Charter definition of a health promoting institution of higher education: