Student Health on Haven Supports Reproductive Rights

June 24, 2022

Student Health on Haven continues to affirm its support for reproductive rights.

In light of today’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, Student Health on Haven continues to affirm its commitment to supporting students in accessing the information and care they need related to their reproductive rights. Our mission remains to provide compassionate, comprehensive healthcare that enhances the student community’s well-being in support of the institution’s academic mission.

The Student Health on Haven website serves as a health resource for all CUIMC students. Students can access sexual and reproductive health services and information about contraception and pregnancy counseling, routine preventative care, and sexually transmitted infection education and evaluation. We also affirm that the Columbia University Student Health Insurance Plan covers services for pregnancy termination.

We hold firm our belief that access to accurate, reliable, inclusive, culturally-aware health information is imperative for students as they seek to make informed decisions regarding their health. Student Health on Haven supports the right to bodily autonomy in making health-related decisions as well as access to high quality and compassionate care for all students.

The following confidential support options are always available to CUIMC students: