Support for Those Impacted by the Ongoing Violence in Israel and Gaza

October 24, 2023

The recent terrorist attack and ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza and the resulting catastrophic loss of life have affected us all in different ways. You may experience a range of feelings including grief, uncertainty, fear, shock, frustration, disillusionment, and worry. These feelings may be overwhelming and may deepen of the wounds of existing traumas.  

During this time, we encourage you to be gentle with yourself and kind to one another and to seek support and care as needed. As a reminder, Counseling Services offers one-off individual support sessions that allow space for reflection, grounding, and discussion. Visit the Student Health Portal or call 212-305-3400 to schedule an individual support session.  

The following confidential options are always available for individual support:  

  • Counseling Services: Make an appointment via the Student Health Portal or by calling 212-305-3400 (for after-hours care, select option 7).  TELUS Health (formerly My SSP) also is available via chat and phone 24/7 in multiple languages, including Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Well-Being Strategy Sessions: Use the Student Health Portal to request an appointment with a member of the Well-Being and Health Promotion team.   
  • Office of Religious Life: Visit the Office of Religious Life website to schedule an appointment with an advisor for counseling or pastoral care.