My SSP is now TELUS Health Student Support!

August 9, 2023

TELUS Health Student Support (formerly My SSP) offers 24/7 support via chat and phone as well as counseling for students located around the country and the world.  Chat-based services are available in English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Spanish, and French; counseling is available in up to 60 different languages.

My SSP is now TELUS Health Student Support!  You will see some visual changes on the app, but rest assured, the mental health and wellbeing support services offered will stay exactly the same.

What does this mean for current My SSP app users?

If you are a My SSP existing user, you will not need to redownload the app or set-up your profile again.  The app will simply have a new name, new colors, graphics and fonts, but everything else is exactly the same, including 24/7 access to counseling support via the chat and telephone icons.

For you to see the new branding, your mobile app will have to be updated.  If your device settings are set for automatic updates, you do not need to take any action and your app will update automatically.

If you do not have automatic updates enabled on your device, you will see a pending update in your app store.  Please complete the update to view the new branding.

If you have deleted the My SSP app and no longer have it on your device, you will need to go back to the App Store or Google Play, and now search TELUS Health Student Support to locate and download the app for use again.

What does this mean for current My SSP website users?

If you are a web user, the current website will continue to be in use for the time being.  On your next visit, you will notice the website has also been rebranded to TELUS Health Student Support. 

The website will have the same look as the app, with changes to colors, graphics, images, and fonts, but the user experience is exactly the same as My SSP. 

Coming this fall, a new domain (name TBD) will replace  For now, the current website will remain fully active under the TELUS Health brand.

The TELUS Health Student Support team will be in close communication with your institution when this new website domain is announced.  When this new domain is announced, the current domain, will redirect to the new one for seamless continuation of service.