AIMS Mini-Grants

In an effort to help build a substance-safer campus, the AIMS programĀ has funding allocated to help students host substance-free and substance-conscious. The maximum award is $250 per event.

Substance-Free Events

AIMS has set funds aside to help students and student groups sponsor substance-free events at CUIMC. The central purpose of these funds is to promote fun, substance-free activities as an alternative to substance-centered events during high-risk times.

Substance Conscious Events

In line with our harm-reduction approach, AIMS has also allocated funds to assist student groups in developing systems to support lower-risk drinking at their CUIMC alcohol-inclusive events. Harm reduction is defined as a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at reducing negative consequences associated with substance use.

At minimum, CUIMC policy already requires that non-alcoholic options be made available at all events and that moderation is exercised. These funds are designed to assist a student group in the initial adherence to these policies as well as the expansion of those guidelines to maximally support lower-risk substance use. Upon receipt of the grant, the student group must be willing to sustain the implementation and funding of the effort moving forward.

In order to apply, students must submit an AIMS Mini-Grant Application. Students submitting an application for substance-conscious events must also complete Social Host alcohol training (SoHo training) prior to hosting the event.

AIMS Mini-Grant Award Criteria

  • Mini-Grants are awarded to substance-free and substance-conscious events that are scheduled between the hours of 6pm and 2am, Thursday through Saturday.
  • Events that promote student engagement and interaction throughout the evening are encouraged (i.e. organizing a movie screening or attending a play is not considered highly interactive).
  • Events that could be sustained over time and have the potential to impact the CUIMC community long-term are preferred.

Past Recipients of AIMS Mini-Grants

  • 2018 Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Step 1 Study Break
  • Escape Game Team-Building Discussion Party
  • Bouldering at Steep Rock West
  • Cozy Coffeehouse
  • Bard Hall Barn Dance
  • Zombie Laser Tag
  • CDM Post-Exam Ice Skating
  • Class of 2019 Holiday Party to Support the Jamaica Christmas Project
  • Late Night Ice Cream Social