Groups and Gathering Spaces

We offer virtual groups and gathering spaces.  These are not group therapy, but rather spaces for skill-building and support. Facilitators are able to link students to therapy, should that be more appropriate.  While the expectation is that participants maintain privacy, we cannot guarantee confidentiality, given the nature of the virtual meeting room.


How can we become more body-aware and embrace our emotions through motion? This space establishes a non-judgmental environment that encourages the identification, processing, and communication of emotions through movement. 

First Gen

This space offers a community for students who identify as the first member in their family to pursue higher education in the US. Conversation topics may include family expectations, generational or cultural differences, fear of failure or disappointment, imposter syndrome, and financial stressors.

Finding Stability in an Unstable Time: Relationship with Food and Body

Have COVID related-concerns amplified concerns about your relationship to food and your body? Topics in this space will include coping strategies, mindfulness, self-esteem, body image, and relationships with a particular eye to the current context.

Asian Identified Students

This drop-in space supports reflection for Asian identified students of all genders who may have experienced bias or discrimination personally and/or professionally. 


International Students

This space is designed to promote good mental health for CUIMC international students living domestically or abroad by allowing for discussion, listening to one another, and sharing relevant resources.


Finding Strength: Moving to Hope, Optimism and Connection 

This space will offer a safe and accepting place to discuss feelings and experiences of depression and offer coping strategies for handling challenges associated with managing daily life, especially given current circumstances.


LGBTQIA+ Students

This is a space for LGBTQ+ identified students to connect with other students for support and community. 



Connecting Through Loss: Loss, Grief, and Loving Someone Who Is Seriously Ill

This space allows for shared reflection for students who have lost a loved one or are currently struggling with the severe illness of someone they love (including, but not limited to, COVID-19).


Black Identified Students

This drop-in space is for Black, African-American, and Caribbean (ABC) identified students of all genders to come together to provide mutual support and reflection. Led by Tanyka Sam, MD and Ritu Agarwal, MA.